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Interim hiring is on the rise.  According to Chris Martin, senior vice president of Randstad U.S., “In 2012 less than 11 percent of our job openings started as contract-to-hire—in which the company states at the outset that it’s looking for someone to eventually hire permanently.

There are two unemployed individuals in the U.S. for every current job opening. Below is a top-down, back-of-the-envelope calculation to put employment statistics in context. The current population of the U.S. is 319 million; The number of working age persons is 250 million; Labor force

A study conducted by Intuit recently predicted that 40 percent of American workers may be independent contractors by 2020. That is about 60 million people. It is much higher than the last count we had back in 2006 when another report indicated that the proportion

Having worked in both large and small companies, one common phenomenon that I have observed in both types of companies is that a number of jobs can remain unfilled.  These open voids can have a number of negative fallouts for an organization, including: Important projects

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at HireJar!

Writing a job description for contract-to-hire position is uniquely challenging.  This is because the writer (typically the hiring manager) has to straddle the worlds between (1) requirements of a permanent job and (2) requirements of a contract job.  Each one is uniquely different as described

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, many people make their living without the added stress of driving to the office and punching a timecard. Instead, workers can choose to work from a cafe or to stay home and work in their pajamas. Many companies now value

It’s no secret that technology companies attract a talented pool of job candidates. The industry is fast-paced, dynamic and creative. Unfortunately, in recent years, the same technology companies that have changed the world with computers, smartphones and social media, have also developed a reputation for

In a culture that places a premium on youth, many tech industry jobs are designated for recent college grads or millennial go-getters whose smartphones are always at the ready. You might assume hiring young professionals will save your company money in the long run, since

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