Fee for HireJar Service


HireJar service is Free for Clients. Clients however can make use of HireJar add-on services for a Fee.

HireJar charges a Fee to Consultants. All are explained below.

1) Fees to Consultant

Consultants should pay 9.9% of amount received from the Clients for a period of first 90 Days including the first hour of Consultation. Client and Consultant has the option to continue using HireJar after the initial 90 days and make use of HireJar features and customer support for 4.9%.

Client should pay Consultant through HireJar invoice app. Once Client makes payment, HireJar subtracts its fee mentioned above and pays the remaining to the Consultant.

2) Fees to Client

HireJar basic service is Free for Clients. HireJar’s add-on services are available to Clients for a fee. This includes (i) Sourcing, (ii) Recruiting, and (iii) Payroll.

If you have any questions, please contact Support@HireJar.com.