Fee for HireJar Service


HireJar applies a nominal fee to the Client on top of the amounts invoiced by the Candidate, serving as our basic fee. Additionally, HireJar provides a range of optional services to Clients for extra fee. Details are below:

1) Fees for Clients

HireJar’s basic fee is 4.9%, which is applied to the amounts invoiced by the Candidate. Additionally, HireJar offers Clients optional add-on services for extra fee, including Curated Sourcing, Recruiting, and Employer of Record services.

Additionally, if a Client chooses to hire a candidate permanently within one year of starting a contract, the Client must pay HireJar a prorated fee of 4.9% of the Candidate’s annual compensation. For direct permanent hires from the beginning, the fee is 4.9% of the Candidate’s full-year compensation. Should the Client have utilized any add-on services, additional fees will apply for permanent hires.

2) Fees for Candidates

HireJar’s service is completely free for Candidates. In fact, Candidates will receive a bonus of 1% on amounts invoiced to and paid by the Client through the HireJar invoice app. This bonus is distributed after the end of each calendar quarter.

If you have any questions, please contact support@hirejar.com.