How It Works


Key steps of HireJar service are listed below. Fee details are provided here.

(HireJar also offers value-add services such as Curated Sourcing, Recruiting, and Employer of Record as detailed in the next section. If the Client purchases one of these services, some of the steps below will be carried out by HireJar staff.)

  1. The Client registers at and provides the job requirement. This is free.
  2. The Client gets matched with the best-fit candidates.
  3. The Client decides which Candidates they want to proceed with based on the Candidates’ credentials. The Client connects directly with the Candidates.
  4. The Client conducts interviews with the Candidates.
  5. The Client selects a Candidate for the job and negotiates compensation and terms with the Candidate.
  6. Once the engagement begins, the Candidate invoice the Client through HireJar invoice app and HireJar will add its fee and submits to Client, who will then pay the amounts through the same app. Once money is received, HireJar will pay Candidate.
  7. HireJar also has a bonus framework in which HireJar will pay Candidate 1% of amounts invoiced to and paid by the Client. This is done after the end of each Calendar quarter.

If the Client decides to hire the Candidate permanently, the Client pays a nominal fee to HireJar as outlined in the fee section.

Add-on Services for Clients

Our additional services include:

Curated Sourcing: We proactively reach out to passive candidates to be interested in your position. Furthermore, we will only provide you qualified responses so you can focus on selecting the right candidate rather than sifting through hundreds of responses.

Recruiting: We conduct preliminary interviews based on your criteria, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are forwarded to you for final interviews. This streamlines the selection process, saving you valuable time and resources.

Employer of Record: To alleviate any legal concerns associated with employing contractors, HireJar can act as the official employer on record. This service ensures compliance and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.