How It Works


HireJar works in two complementary ways:

  1. Business (Client) posts a legal need (“Consultation Need”) and HireJar matches with Business Lawyers (Consultants) for subsequent Free or Paid Consultations
  2. Business Lawyer (Consultant) publicizes their HireJar profile and Business (Client) makes “Consultation Request”

Both are explained below.


Client posts a “Consultation Need” and Consultants respond

  1. Client (Business) registers at and posts a “Consultation Need” with details
  2. HireJar matches Clients with best fit Business Lawyers. (Lawyers need to register as Consultants first).
  3. Client decides which Lawyers they want to do initial Consultation with. Client connects directly with the Lawyers. Typically these are Free Consultations enabling Client to identify the right Lawyer.
  4. Client and Lawyer performs subsequent Consultation in the manner they decide. These are Paid Consultations / projects that can vary in length.
  5. Client pays Consultant directly the amounts in the manner quoted by the Consultant. This could be a retainer or lump sum.


Consultant publicizes their HireJar profile and Client makes “Consultation Request

  1. Consultant registers at and receives their “Request Consultation” badge and unique URL. Consultant also specifies the compensation for the consultation (Free or the $ amount if Paid).
  2. Consultant displays the Request Consultation badge in their websites, blogs, and social media pages. In addition, Consultant frequently uses their unique HireJar URL in social media posts and similar content.
  3. Client evaluates Consultant’s qualifications and decides to connect with the Consultant by clicking the Request Consultation badge or unique URL.
  4. Client has to register at to see Consultant’s full profile and compensation details. Client makes a “Consultation Request”.
  5. Consultant decides to accept the request and then contacts the Client directly through email. Client and Consultant decide on the logistics of consultation and payment specifics.
  6. Client and Consultant performs the Consultation in the manner they decide.
  7. Client pays Consultant directly the amount (if any) quoted by the Consultant.