How It Works


Key steps are listed below. The HireJar service is free for clients. Candidates pay a fee while they are engaged in a contract. Fee details are provided here.

  1. The client registers at and provides the contract-to-hire job requirement. This is free.
  2. The client gets matched with the best-fit candidates.
  3. The client decides which candidates they want to proceed with based on the candidates’ credentials. The client connects directly with the candidates.
  4. The client conducts interviews with the candidates.
  5. The client selects a candidate for the job and negotiates contract compensation and terms with the candidate.
  6. Once the contract begins, the client pays the candidate through the HireJar invoice app. Once the payment is made, HireJar subtracts its fee and pays the remaining amount to the candidate.
  7. If the client decides to hire the candidate permanently, the client pays a nominal fee to HireJar as outlined in the fee section.