Need to fill Expertise Gaps in your org? Want a “Try before Hire” approach for certain positions? Need to mitigate hard-to-fill positions?

Welcome to HireJar, the Hiring Platform with Free Sourcing. HireJar enables you to:

  • Hire local candidates to fill expertise gaps – engagement can start from just one hour.
  • List new positions you wish to “Try before Hire”, bringing in candidates ready to prove themselves.
  • Secure a new channel for hard-to-fill positions.


Posting jobs on HireJar is Free, and you only pay a fee of 4.9%—the lowest in the industry—if you hire a candidate. Furthermore, HireJar does not require exclusivity, allowing you to use our platform alongside your existing candidate search methods. Therefore, trying HireJar is completely risk-free!

HireJar also offers a range of specialized services, including Curated Sourcing, Recruiting, and Employer of Record services, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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