With so much emphasis understandably placed on forging an impressive team of upper- and middle-management executives, it can be easy for organizations to overlook the significance of their entry-level employees. One word of advice on this: Don’t! These workers, in their own way, are the

There are two factors that make up the revenue potential of a lead: Size of the potential deal Likelihood of conversion from lead to customer How to handle the lead is dependent on the combination of these factors. Size of the potential deal This is

Plenty of companies fall into the trap of leaving key job openings vacant for lengthy periods. They tell themselves that the right person just hasn’t come along yet, that the rest of the staff can cover the tasks temporarily and that their bottom line isn’t

A well-balanced demand generation plan requires both inbound and outbound marketing components.  In the past few years, all the buzz has been around inbound marketing tactics such as website content, SEO, Google AdWords, and retargeting.  However, audience have now wised up to the fact that

Innovative; creative; cutting-edge; flexible. If these words don’t apply to your hiring practices you’re likely missing out on some of the most skilled candidates currently available in the workforce. Just like the old 9-5 on-site, traditional job model is changing, so must the hiring approach

As a marketer, your goal is to generate more opportunities and sales.  To that end, you keep your eyes fixed in the marketing dashboard to track your progress towards the goal for the quarter. You get a sense of how things are going by the

The need to reduce customer churn is now a common wisdom – it is estimated that retaining a customer is 5 to 20 times more profitable than acquiring a new customer. Data science can be used to predict customer churn, but the approach is different

Below are the eight ways you can turbocharge your marketing performance by applying data science: Churn prediction: Predict likelihood of churn by current customers, especially at the end of ongoing contract. (more information) Leads Sweet Spot: Identifying segments of nurtured leads and accounts for rapid

It would be an understatement of epic proportions to say the role of today’s hiring managers has changed since the onset of the 21st century. What was once a fairly straightforward position has been complicated by a rising ‘gig’ economy—highlighted by the explosion of interim

It would be difficult to argue that the world of hiring and recruiting has shifted dramatically since the turn of the 21st Century, impacted by such factors as a ‘gig/on-demand economy,’ burgeoning technology and the rising percentage of Gen Y employees rising up in the

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