HireJar is a marketing agency providing marketing operations services including marketing analytics, marketing technology, and marketing planning/operations frameworks.

Our focus areas include:
 * Applying cutting-edge analytics and data science frameworks to Salesforce / CRM data to generate actionable insights
 * Minimizing marketing technology spend by enabling fully leveraging of core technologies
 * Marketing planning and operations frameworks to translate CEO objectives to marketing strategies and tactics

Why Try HireJar?

Experts certified in marketing technologies

Proven abilities in marketing planning and operations

Analytics and data science-driven marketing strategies

How does it work?

Contact HireJar and our senior team will work with you to identify opportunities to apply marketing technologies to improve marketing performance;

HireJar will assign the right consultant for project implementation, guided by HireJar senior team;

Once the projects are completed, HireJar will help with ongoing improvements and maintenance.

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