HireJar is a marketing agency enabling Co-Marketing between companies for Lead Generation. We help find companies to co-market with, facilitate agreements, and implement high impact marketing initiatives designed to generate new leads.

These high impact co-marketing initiatives include Referrals, Website Promotions, Email Campaigns, Social Posts, Speaking Engagements, Trade shows, Webinars, Content Creation, and more…

Why Try HireJar?

Discover innovative possibilities in Co-Marketing

Identify new up and coming companies to partner

Supported by experts in analytics and data science

How does it work?

Contact HireJar and we will work with you to understand your marketing needs and customer profile;

HireJar will propose Co-Marketing opportunities and facilitate mutual agreements;

HireJar will continuously monitor for fresh opportunities for Co-Marketing.

Take the first step in dramatically elevating your Marketing performance by contacting us

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