Today’s hiring process doesn’t work.

HireJar invites you to RETHINK HIRING – Do less interviews and do more TRYOUTS.

HireJar enables hiring better employees and consultants by facilitating Tryouts and payments for candidates. Tryouts can be done at any stage of the recruiting funnel – from screening to post-selection – and save valuable staff time spent on interviews. Our service works complementary to your existing recruiting function.

Especially applicable for growing Marketing departments !

Why Try HireJar?

Attract better candidates

Save valuable staff time spent on interviewing

Increase hiring velocity

How does it work?

Example scenario-1

Your recruiter screens the candidates and short-lists those who are qualified;

You bring in HireJar to facilitate the Tryout (paid or unpaid);

The recruiter and hiring manager consult with HireJar to formulate the Tryout project and decide on the type of compensation or prize details;

HireJar can do project management during the Tryouts. After the Tryouts, HireJar pays the compensation (if any) to candidates and can provide candidate evaluations;

The hiring manager decides which candidates to pursue for further interviews based on the Tryout results.

Example scenario-2

Your team members interview and select the best candidate. Chances are that the candidate doesn’t meet your requirements 100%. You opt to do a Tryout (paid or unpaid) to see if the candidate can grow to the intended role;

You bring in HireJar to facilitate the Tryout;

The hiring manager consults with HireJar to decide on the particulars of the Tryout – the duration, onsite vs offsite, compensation, and so on;

During the Tryout period, the candidate can be in HireJar’s payroll in order to alleviate any legal concerns for your company. HireJar can also provide project management and candidate evaluation;

The hiring manager decides whether to hire the candidate beyond the Tryout period.

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