Welcome to HireJar! We are excited to introduce our suite of Try-before-Hire services designed to enhance your recruitment process. These include:

  • Post Open Roles as Contract-to-Hire: Simultaneously list your open positions as contract-to-hire opportunities, attracting candidates ready to start on contract, allowing you to keep searching for the perfect candidate.
  • Evaluate Chosen Candidate: Choose a candidate and evaluate their performance on a contract basis before extending a permanent job offer.
  • Paid Projects in Interviews: Include paid projects in your interview process to gain deeper insights into candidates’ skills and suitability for the role.


Why Choose HireJar?

  • Free Job Listings: Post your jobs on HireJar at no cost. You only pay a fee—the lowest in the industry—if you decide to hire a candidate.
  • No Exclusivity Required: Use HireJar alongside your current recruitment methods, making our platform a completely risk-free addition to your hiring toolkit.


Connect with us today, irrespective of your immediate hiring needs. Discover how HireJar can help you find the perfect candidates with confidence:


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