HireJar is different from other consultant/freelance portals because our focus is quality of work and proximity rather than how low hourly rate can be. You specify your hourly rate (for short-term Consultation projects) during your Consultant registration process. You can negotiate a lower hourly rate for long-term projects with the Client if you prefer.

For every Client, we provide a limited number of Consultants based on best match. Client will be making the selection based on a variety of criteria beyond hourly rate.

HireJar is currently looking for Consultants on all areas of business. If you want to work full-time or part-time as a Consultant, HireJar is the place for you.

After registration, you are invited to post an original blog with HireJar. If the blog gets traction, we will arrange a webinar with you. These actions will increase your exposure and all the Client interests we get, we exclusively match with you.

HireJar is entirely FREE for Consultants! Our fees are paid by Clients only after successful initiation of projects. More details on how HireJar works is here.

If you are interested, we invite you to Join as a Consultant.

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