Facing challenges in filling critical roles? Exploring a “try before you buy” hiring model for certain positions? Want to strategically manage your full-time headcount over time?

Welcome to HireJar, your premier marketplace for all Contract-to-Hire job postings. HireJar is designed to seamlessly integrate with your current recruitment efforts, offering an innovative solution for filling vacancies.

Here’s How It Works

Beyond your original Contract-to-Hire postings, you can even post your regular job openings as contract-to-hire positions on HireJar, attracting candidates ready to start on a contractual basis. Resulting flexibility allows you to continue searching for the perfect candidate or convert contractors to full-time if you prefer.

This approach enhances the efficiency of filling roles and minimizes disruption to your business.

HireJar’s Commitment to You

Posting jobs on HireJar is Free, and engaging with candidates incurs No Fees. (A nominal fee is charged to the candidate during the contract period). HireJar also offers additional services like Sourcing, Recruiting, and Employer of Record to meet your specific needs.

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