Are you looking to grow your practice as an Attorney serving your Clients’ personal and business needs?

HireJar has a service to connect you with new Clients – by using the tried and true method of “Free Consultations”. Your first step is creating your professional profile at as a Consultant. This will take only few minutes and after that your can review “Consultation Needs” constantly posted by Clients and respond to those fitting your criteria.

You don’t need to pay a fee to HireJar till you get paid by Clients (fee details are here). You specify your hourly rate during your Consultant registration process. You can specify to the Client directly your terms of payment after the Free Consultation.

We invite you to Join as a Consultant!

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Once you register as a Consultant, we may invite you to record a “Mini Webinar” with us that will increase your profile and generate more interests from Clients.