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Competition in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) space is cutthroat, dominated by a select few well-heeled players. Most people in the B2C space are so preoccupied with competition and survival that they don’t take a step back to plan and optimize their marketing methodologies. This is an essential step in order to compete against dominant players in the space, however, and shouldn’t be undervalued.

This book unveils proven analytic methodologies on all aspects of B2C marketing. It covers various stages of the marketing funnel — attract, convert, grow and reactivate — as well as overall management requirements and reporting.

Crucial insights include:

  • Using online advertising to bring in prospects and keep them engaged;
  • Optimizing conversion funnel for easier signups;
  • Segmenting customers using RFM and clustering techniques;
  • Formulating tiered customer acquisition cost structure guided by lifetime value; and
  • Equitable attribution for optimal budget allocation.

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