Analytics and Data Science Solutions to Elevate Marketing

Here are some ways HireJar will help you turbocharge your marketing performance by applying analytics and data science:

Enabling cross-marketing between companies: Cross-marketing is a win-win for companies. Cross-marketing can be done at various levels – at customer level, leads level, and brand level. (more information)

Achieve Viral Growth: We help you proactively initiate viral growth by identifying external prospects who are like the earnest promoters amongst your current customers. By marketing to this target group, you get 10X your normal marketing results. (more information)

Churn prediction: Predict likelihood of churn by current customers, especially at the end of ongoing contract. (more information)

Offer to Segment Matching: Identifying lead segment that is most likely to respond to a specific offer, ensuring high performance of marketing campaigns. (more information)

Persona Clustering: Scientific clustering of customers and leads to facilitate high-potential, persona-based marketing. (more information)

Lead Score Framework Revision: Lead score framework in most businesses are developed organically, resulting in discrepancies across criteria. This analysis will use data science to normalize lead score framework so that the lead scores are trusted across both marketing and sales. (more information)

Marketing KPIs: Ensure CMO’s seat at the executives table using this dashboard showing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that connects marketing performance to business top line. (more information)

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