Marketing KPI report that every CMO should share with other Execs

Let us start with an example (shown below) of Quarterly Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that CMOs can share with other executives (Note that the numbers provided is dummy data).

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.51.18 PM

The KPI’s in the above table encapsulates the marketing (and business) performance for the full quarter.  The conversion ratios (shown in Italics) tend to be stable across quarters and any aberration in a quarter will be worthy of discussion. For that matter, trend in each number across quarters will be relevant for executive discussions.

Some other notes:

  • Reopened Leads are the recycled leads that were being nurtured and attained enough leads score to be made available again for sales process.
  • Some businesses may find useful to add “Booking from Renewals” in the Total Bookings section – Do it if renewal is a major concern in your business.

Diving Deeper

The KPI table shows top-down perspective of the business performance. This perspective may be all you need if your business is simple (say with only one product and servicing only one customer segment like SMB).

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If your business is more complex, creating similar KPI tables for separate segments will be helpful.  Examples include:

  • Customer size (examples: SMB and Enterprises)
  • Lead source (examples: Partner, Marketing (w/o partner), and Sales-generated

We suggest you present the overall KPI table first, and dive deeper into segment KPI’s to provide deeper insights..

Use in Forecasting

Another use of the KPI table is to help in setting targets for the number of Lead, Opportunites, and Wins for the upcoming quarter.

The simple approach for forecasting would be to work backwards from Total Bookings target in the upcoming quarter while keeping the conversion ratios the same.  However, this approach typically results in unreasonably high targets, especially for leads.

A more realistic approach it to achieve the bookings target with a combination of improvements across the funnel, such as: (1) increased leads (2) higher conversion from lead to opportunity, (3) higher conversion from Opportunity to win, (4) Higher average deal size, and (5) more upsells.  The exact targets for various inputs should be determined by discussing with Sales and other stakeholders.


The KPI table can be considered as a barebones dashboard that is most appealing to bottom-line oriented executives.  A broader dashboard (discussed in a separate blog) can also need to be discussed externally for wider perspective of marketing performance.


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