Today’s workers clearly value the opportunity to work remotely, and it’s easy to understand their reasons. We hear far less, however, about the benefits that remote work provides to businesses, but these benefits are equally substantial. Here are three ways your company will reap the

Remote workers spend almost 10 percent more time working than their office-going counterparts. However, even as the trend of telecommuting is on the rise in the United States, most companies adopt an ad hoc approach to hiring and managing remote employees. However, it can become

Recent blog by Haseeb Qureshi on his experience in interviewing for a software engineer positions in Silicon Valley received a lot of attention.  The nugget that made the blog buzz-worthy is that Haseeb landed a job with $250K annual compensation by negotiating aggressively and by

Now that you’ve recruited the best remote employees, what are the best strategies for retaining them? The ability to retain programmers is especially important if you are an expanding business and if you are forming remote teams. Today’s business world often requires remote or satellite offices

Hiring new college grads is a boon in many ways. Their classroom-taught and hands-on experiential skills are the freshest on the job market. As professionals just starting out, their salary requirements are lower than more experienced workers. And, as many companies are finding out, it

With Google, Yahoo and other tech companies curtailing their telecommuting opportunities, you may wonder if remote working is still a benefit that will attract the software engineering talent your company needs. While each business is different, research indicates that offering remote working is one of

A 2014 Stanford experiment done in a Chinese travel agency found that people were more productive and less likely to quit when working from home. In 2015, almost 40 percent US workers preferred telecommuting once or more. While those figures include people who don’t necessarily

Managing a team of remote employees can present challenges that centralized teams do not, but those challenges can easily be overcome through purposeful use of technology. Thanks to email, instant messenger, and video chat, staying connected to off-site team members has never been easier. Use these

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