My nightmare experience with Chase Business Checking Account

I had a business checking account with Chase Bank for about two years. I have been actively banking with them.

One fine day a new client sent me a check. They had used bill pay to create the check.

Two weeks later, I tried to login to my Chase account and realized my account has been closed!


Apparently, the new check from a new client spooked they fraud monitoring. That is well and good. But how they dealt with it was downright appalling.

Chase sent a direct mail asking me to contact them and verify the check within 10 Days. This direct mail looked like a spam mail and I never bothered to open it.

After 10 days, they just closed the account! Just like that! No attempt to call over the phone and even send an email!

To add insult to injury, it took over TWO MONTHS for them to send me the amount tied up in my closed account. Meanwhile, I am struggling to pay my bills because my amount is stuck in the damn Chase business banking account that they closed on a whim!

Therefore, if you have a Chase business checking account right now, find an alternative and close it. The new bank may at least try to give you a call before closing your account without proper warnings.

Thank you.

Posted by Joju Mangalam

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